The BIO REPAIR line acts to rehabilitate skin that has suffered environmental damage. The line is based on collagen, elastin and a unique repair complex that prevents  and corrects damages to skin cells, stimulates natural corrective and repair mechanisms in skin cells.

Recommended for

The line is intended for damaged, tired and dull skin.


▪ refines and strengthens the skin structure
▪ soothes skin, reduces over-sensitivity and redness
▪ improves skin’s elasticity and suppleness
▪ reduces depth of lines


The PROBIOTIC line balances the skin’s immunization system, protects from environmental pollution, and promotes moisture and nourishment. Based on probiotics and peptides, the line helps renew the skin and gives it a healthy and fresh appearance.

Recommended for

The product line is intended for combination skin and post-acne.


▪ increases moisture level
▪ improves skin texture
▪ soothes skin, reduces over-sensitivity and redness
▪ rebalances and strengthens skin

probiotic comp 2


sketch comp calm red 2

The CALM RED line acts to soothe sensitive skin and strengthen the skin’s natural immunization mechanism. The line is based on essential vitamins including E, F and H serving as antioxidants, and a high concentration of plant extracts.

Recommended for

The product line is intended for sensitive skin prone to redness.


  • soothes skin
  • improves texture
  • slows down skin aging
  • stimulates skin’s natural healing processes
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