A balanced skin type with a clear complexion, even colour and smooth texture. Cell renewal and exfoliation of dead skin cells are working in harmony and the sebaceous glands produce sufficient natural oil to maintain a soft subtle skin. This skin type has a high degree of elasticity and efficient collagen production, contributing to the overall healthy appearance.

The challenge in caring for normal skin is treating it without damaging the equilibrium – not drying the skin with incorrect cleansing process, and on the other hand – not using products that are too harsh, which can cause excessive oiliness. Products that are especially efficient are water based, and contain components which preserve the skin’s moisture and prevent the evaporation of water from the skin surface. One of the most popular ingredients is hyaluronic acid which binds with water and supplies the skin with moisture, volume, softness, and elasticity. Other compulsory ingredients include amino acids, alpha hydroxy acids, urea, and antioxidants such as vitamin C which delays ageing and help fight the free radicals damaging the skin.

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