This skin has characteristics of more than one skin type: dry, oily, normal, mature or sensitive skin. The most common combination is an oily T-zone across the forehead and down the central panel of the face over the nose and chin, with drier cheeks and neck.


Treatment of combination skin involves treatment of specific areas of concerns. The treatment of the T-zone is designated to balance and regulate the sebaceous glands’ activity, to prevent inflammation and to shrink the enlarged pores. Products which contain alpha and beta-hydroxy acids will help balance sebaceous glands and will gently remove the dead skin cells clogging the pores. Soothing plant extracts with antiseptic and healing properties may include eucalyptus, clove, mint, chamomile, hamamelis, arnica, calamine, allantoin and camphor.

In the dry areas of the skin attention is focused on moisturising the skin and preserving moisture loss in order to prevent dehydration and rejuvenate the skin.

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